Our Team

Michelle Martinezmichelle

Growing up in San Clemente, California, Michelle spent most of her time at the beach or city pool swimming and bodysurfing. She didn't really catch the distance running bug till she was a young adult and competed for one season of cross country at Moorpark College. Long after graduating from UCSB, Michelle relived her youth and ran for one final cross country season at Ventura College for her good friend, Nancy Fredrickson. Now in her 50's, Michelle has hopes of regaining her fast twitch muscles and being competitive in a few local 5Ks, 10Ks or half marathons. In her free time, Michelle loves a good glass of wine, going out to dinner or watching movies with her kids and husband.

Current Shoe: Lots...but I really like the Adidas Adios 2
Favorite Recovery Drink: Fluid Chocolate
Favorite Food: Everything Italian
Favorite Workout: 400's on the track
Favorite Race: CI 4th of July 10K or RAD 10 Miler
Bike You Ride: Giant TCR
Can't Live Without: Chocolate and Peanut Butter (everythng tastes better with Choc. or PB!)
Hometown: San Clemente, CA



Evan Fackler

Evan ran cross country and track at Earlham College in Indiana, where he did tolerably well. Originally 11242 1270798456557 7437048 nfrom Ohio, he moved across country after graduating with a degree in English Lit and Creative Writing. Having rebelled against running part-way into the early stages of a post-graduation marathon training program, Evan's back on the roads and paths. Besides running, he's an avid bread baker, makes very passable scones, occasionally reads a book or two, is a crazed netflix subscriber and somehow a hobbyist card magician. 

Here are his favorites:

Current Shoe: New Balance 870v2
Favorite Recovery Drink: Nesquik has everything you need
Favorite Food: Fresh bread, and homemade pizza
Favorite Workout: One that's shared
Favorite Race: Earlham College Cross Country course!
Bike you ride: Surly Long Haul Trucker, oh yeah.
Can't live without: Good books, flour, water, salt.
Hometown: Plymouth, Ohio. Look it up. Right Now.


Scott Cook

Scott's experience with distance running began with a track season his sophomore year of HS that led to him quitting football and running XC his junior year. Without running he claims he would not have considered attending college. He considers one of his biggest running accomplishments to be a walk-on on the small Division I school of IUPUI. His best event was always theScott 800m but the mile was his favorite. He's known at Inside Track as a running, shoe, and computer geek. When he's not at the store or studying towards becoming a software engineer he has delusions of a track comeback, enjoys cheering on his Midwest teams (Go Bears! Bulls! Cubs! and Hoosiers!), and besting his girlfriend Amanda in Mario Kart.

Current Shoe: Brooks PureCadence, Brooks Ravenna 5's, and Adidas Adios
Favorite Recovery Drink: Fluid Chocolate
Favorite Food: Fish Tacos, Burritos, Pizza, and In N Out
Favorite Workout: Seb Coe 
Favorite Race: 800m or the Mile on a track, New Prairie XC Invite 
Bike you ride: Schwinn Hybrid
Can't live without: Food, friends, music, comic book movies
Hometown: Valparaiso, IN


 Ruth Vomund


Ruth is retired from the County of Ventura and works part-time at the Inside Track for the camaraderie of fellow runners and to take a break from nagging her husband, Gary Tuttle, Inside Track’s founding owner.  Ruth ran track at St. Bonaventure High, and track and cross-country at Ventura College.  She has been a successful distance runner over the past 35 years, having completed 17 marathons, including the 1992 US Olympic Trials Marathon.  She continues to run daily and still shows up at local races, barely able to beat Michelle in a 5K!  Ruth and Gary take running vacations to exotic locales and have sponsored many races for the kids in the Cook Islands, their favorite island nation.  Many a shoe company give-away has made its way to the South Pacific!

Favorite Shoe: New Balance 587
Favorite Recovery Drink: Sun tea
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Workout: Lasse Viren loop in Sycamore Canyon
Favorite Race: Carlsbad 5000 (for the butt-kicking competition)
Bike you Ride: an old Specialized mountain bike
Can’t live without: Running, chocolate, Scrabble, reading, travel
Hometown: Born in Mexico MO; raised right here in Ventura CA



 Katie Biller

Katie starting running just out of diapers at age 4 for the Ventura Tigres Track Club. She continued her love for running and competition throughout high school and college where she competed for VC and UCSD. After graduating from UCSD with a degree in Human Development, Katie married her high school crush, Preston Biller, VHS math teacher and XC coach. The happy couple live in Oakview with their dog, Bella and 6 chickens. Katie, in true homebody fashion, loves baking, spending time in the yard gardening, taking care of the chickens and going for walks with her husband and dog. For fun, Katie and Preston love to go camping and taking an occassional trip to SLO just to get away.

Current shoe: New Balance 880
Recovery drink: Chai Latte with soy
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Workout: Early morning run on the Ojai bike trail
Favorite Race: Woodward Park, XC State Championships
Bike you ride: Beach Cruiser
Can’t live without: Family
Hometown: Ventura, born and raised


Casey Glassey

Casey's running career began when her parents told her she couldn't be a cheerleader in high school, she then joined the cross country team and ran for RIM of the World High School. Little did she know that choice would change theCasey rest of her life. She continued to run in college for RCC and CSUB where she became a 5k specialist. Graduating with a degree in Art, Casey realized her true passion was sharing fitness, specifically running, with others. When not at Inside Track she teaches her own cardio fitness classes. She loves the outdoors and being active, most of the time you can find her training for some sort of race, or tagging along for a good group run or workout. 
Current Shoe: Brooks Pureflows, Adidas Boost Glide, Brooks Ghosts
Recovery Drink: Hammer Recoverite Chocolate
Favorite Food: Chicken and Peas
Favorite Workout: Long run
Favorite Race: Oxy Invite 
Bike you ride: Giant Cyclo XBike 
Can't live without: WallE (her puppy)
Hometown: Crestline, CA



 Olivia (Livie Loo) Guadiana

Olivia began running her freshman year for the Ventura High School cross country and track and field programs, She then continued her running career at the California State University of Chico where she was part of the

OliviaWildcat cross country and track and field teams. Graduating in May of 2014 she has earned her self a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology. Aside from running she likes adventuring, exploring, trying new things and being crafty.


Current Shoe: Asics GT-2000

Favorite Recovery Drink: Cranberry juice

Favorite Food: She is not picky, pretty much everything

Favorite Workout: Any workout as long as she is in shape

Favorite Race: Mt SAC

Bike you ride: A Fixie

Can’t live without: Family, Friends and cranberry juice

Hometown: Oak View, CA




Emma Huebner

Emma began running competitively in her freshman year at Ventura High School and continues to compete in cross country and track and field at Wheaton College in Illinois. She will be a junior at Wheaton in the fall and is majoring in Biochemistry. Aside from running, Emma likes to swim, surf, read, bake and play in the great outdoors. Emma


Current shoe: Adidas Boost

Favorite Recovery Drink: Fluid Chocolate mixed with almond milk

Favorite Food: Homemade sourdough bread and peanut butter

Favorite Workout: Long trail run

Favorite Race: St. James Farm 6k Cross Country Course

Bike you ride: an ancient Trek

Can’t live without: Ocean water, family, and her labrador retriever

Hometown: Born in Boulder, CO and raised in Ventura, CA