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Celebrating 45 Years: Since 1976 

Inside Track opened its doors over forty years ago with a strong commitment to the community, customer service, and superior knowledge. We pledge to help each person find the perfect shoe for their individual needs. Through our specialized, custom fit process, Inside Track has earned the reputation of being the premier running store in Ventura County.


Check out our entire shoe line. Come in for a custom fit, and great advice everyday by our expert staff.
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Inside Track Running Club is a club for runners, walkers, triathletes, and all great people!
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Mountains 2 Beach

Inside Track is the official training partner of the M2B marathon & half marathon.
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“Wow. Great experience looking for running shoes. I felt that I was getting personal service. All my questions were answered. They brought out 5 different pairs of shoes for me to test drive in and even offered me to go outside and test them on the street. They took the time to work with me. The staff was friendly and very easy to work with. I would definitely come back here.”
Rommel A.
Bakersfield, Ca
“Today, my husband and I went to Inside Track. This shoe store is great! My husband suffers from plantar fasciitis. Which is a fancy words for. Arch pain and pain in the bottom of your foot. We had to find special foot inserts. Ruth who works at Inside Track. Knew immediately what we needed. The inserts are called "Soul." Immediately my husband's foot felt better. Ruth was very knowledgeable and very kind. The best thing is. We brought locally! We love supporting local business. Also Ruth showed us all the shoes they carry and what quality! !! We will be back! Thank you Ruth for putting a smile on my husband's face. Thanks Bill and Shannon Jeralds”
Shannon L.
Ventura, CA
“The staff watched me walk barefoot, and then made recommendations, based on the type of activity I was shopping for. I found a perfect, breathable, comfortable pair of Nikes - on sale! I highly recommend this store.”
Suzanne C.
Sacramento, CA
“Great local running store. They have a pretty good selection of shoes aimed at running, walking, and triathlons and biathlons. They have good assortment of equipment from shoes, compression sleeves, socks, wet suits, sandals, nutrition, and supplements. I stopped by on a Sunday to get shoes for my GF and the staff was really helpful. They helped find the shoes that work well for her. She's already worn them for Zumba and going to use to for her jogs. I'm a neutral runner and Scott showed me a few new shoes, once I've worn through the 3 pairs I already have I'll be back to purchase those Brooks Pure Flows! ;-)”
John S.
Ventura, CA
“This is the only place I've been where the staff can accurately tell me what my needs are for my type of foot and running style. You can't go wrong here.”
Dr Mark A. Ventura, CA

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2437 Harbor Blvd.
Ventura, CA 93001